Because I love my friends!! (part II)

Almost ten years have passed since the time that my college friends and I have made the most wonderful, most vivid and most fabulous group of all times!!! My “foititikes files” (aka college friends)!! We are six very different people and every one special in its own way that met in the same classroom / library / lounge / etc and almost instantly became very close with each other!!

Years have passed and we still see each other as frequent as we can!! Every time that we meet (either for birthday celebrations, cocktails, long dinners or just a simple coffee) I just don’t want that moment to end!! And these are the moments that I cherish the most and always look back with a sweet sense of happiness and some nostalgia, as I know that we all grow older and each one of us is going down the road she has chosen, however, no matter what, we will all stay true to the promise we gave many years ago to always be together and close to each other, no matter what (jobs, husbands, children, studies, etc)!!!

I love you all!!!

My college friends


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