Rainy Days, Melancholic Mood

Every time it rains (well not every time, but most of the times) I get this melancholic mood and bittersweet feeling. I just want to stare out of the window, watch the clouds go by, see the rain drops falling and touching the earth.

Days like this, I usually search inside me for hidden feelings, for forgotten thoughts, for unrealised wishes and hopes. Sometimes I do confront them, other times I just check on them, that they exist, and I leave them standing there. Or I make plans, where I should travel to, which professional road I should follow, what I want to do with my life.

I like the rain (as long as I don not have to be outside of the house), I like the feelings I get. My mom used to say that the day I was born it was raining, the first rainfall for that autumn. Perhaps it is as simple as that. A connection with my roots, a connection with the elements of nature.


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