Light as air

I am in a very pleasant mood today, despite all the odds that seem to have come my way at an unstoppable rate. The autumn weather appears to soothe any of my longing pains, the rain washes carefully my concerns and the proper music background lifts my spirit up.

I can feel optimistic in so many different ways and, then the first thing that pops up in my head is one, ever-growing and dominant thought; I want to get out of here; I want to break free. Not in the escape-from-here type of mood, rather than I-want-to-spread-my-wings-and-fly. I want to have choices and I want to have alternatives. I want to see different things and I want to try different styles of living. I want not to be afraid to try new things.

My imagination lays eyes on faraway places, sometimes sunny and close to the ocean, other times in deep green forests and beautiful lakes. In either case, the need is compelling and I should follow through.

Until then…eyes to the sky….
photo (3)


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